A multiplayer game engine to help brands share their story and engage audiences, large and small, at live events through the power of play.
The best part — no app download required. Just go to your branded site and play.

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Why It Works

Branded content is typically passive. Incorporating gameplay makes the content active, engaging, and educational. Sharing these experiences with those around us ensures the game's messages are even more powerful and memorable.

How It Works

CrowdPlay games are hosted on a screen big enough for players to see, whether it's a TV, a scoreboard at a stadium, or a laptop. Players use their own mobile device as a controller. No app download is required — just use the browser already installed on your device.


Rapid-fire sports-themed games designed to be played by hundreds at events or thousands at stadiums and arenas.

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The Cost of Living

An award-nominated digital simulation built for United Way of Southeastern Michigan. Designed as an empathy-building tool, The Cost of Living gives players an idea of what it's like to make tough decisions with limited resources. It teaches players about the kind of work United Way does for the community and the people they serve. Contact us to learn more and try the game yourself.


CrowdPlay was also used by Hyundai at the Super Bowl Fanfest for a trivia-based competition. While two players competed on a prominent big screen, the rest of the audience could play along on their mobile devices.

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